MyHAL: check your publications

Researchers, check out what you've published in HAL using MyHAL
MyHAL (copie d'écran)

View all of your publications in HAL with a single click

MyHAL is a very simple tool that displays the list of all your publications recorded in HAL.

"Thank you so much! Your link [to MyHAL] is fantastic!" -    E.M., Researcher at the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires de Bordeaux (ISM), UMR CNRS 5255


"I've been looking at MyHAL and the other tools, it's really good - thank you!" -    I.R.S, Professor at the Institute of Physics of Rennes UMR CNRS 6251

Enter your name and surname (or your idHAL), then select a publication period, and validate.


MyHAL : exemple de recherche

You can add the following optional filters:

  • Your lab: select your research unit
  • Check if your papers are included in your lab's Hceres list: to ensure that all your publications in HAL are included in the HAL repository of the relevant research team.

Click on the ADD button to add full-text versions (see Which versions to deposit in HAL?).


DO NOT add the DOI number (or any Pubmed or identifier) in the HAL deposit form. This will delete all existing metadata.


Formulaire HAL (ne pas renseigner cette partie !)